Q: Why doesn’t my receipt show up?
A: Confirm the card number you entered is correct, and that your credit card statement confirms the exact date entered. If you have confirmed that the card and dates are correct, but still cannot locate your receipt, check “+/- 3 days” on the main screen to perform a wider date search.

Q: If I used my card multiple times, how many receipts will show up when searched and over what period of time?
A: You will have access to receipts from all of your transactions within the past six months.

Q: How do I sign up for, or unsubscribe from, automatic receipts?
A: To sign up for automatic receipts, create an account at and check “I opt in for subscribing to receive emailed receipts.” You will automatically receive receipts via email every time you use your registered credit card at an IPS parking meter. To unsubscribe, follow the unsubscribe link in any My Parking Receipt email, or update the setting under My Account at

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